To connect to Blackfynn using any client or command line tool, follow these steps:

  1. Create an API key/secret pair on website

  2. Configure client to use credentials

  3. Download and use a client

Create an API Key and Secret

To create an API key/secret pair, log in to Blackfynn and navigate to your profile settings. You can do this by clicking the circular icon with your initials in the bottom-left corner of the site to navigate to your My Settings page.

From there you can click the blue Create API Key button and give your new API key a name i.e. work laptop, as shown below.

After that you’ll see a dialog with your new API key/secret pair.

NOTE: Make sure to save your new API key/secret pair before exiting the dialog! For security purposes, you will not be able to view the key/secret again. You can always generate a new API key/secret in case you no longer have access to your old one.

Configure client to use credentials

  1. Blackfynn Agent and CLI tool

  2. Python Client

  3. Matlab Client

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