It is very easy to import data to the Blackfynn platform from within the web application. The first step is to make sure you have created a dataset (see: creating a dataset ). Once you have created a dataset, open the dataset to view its contents.

Next, there are two ways to queue data to be uploaded:

  • ¬†Drag files into the dataset or folder
  • Click on the "Upload Files" button.

When you select the "Upload Files" option, the upload window will open. Drag files into the dashed area, or click the "Choose your Files" link to add the files to the upload queue.

When you add files to the queue, the platform will automatically recognize supported file formats on the platform and files that belong to a single data package are automatically grouped.

For example, here, the "Demo_multichannel" package consist of two files: 1) An EDF file, and 2) an annotation file. You can click on the arrow next to the package name to expand the list and see how the individual files are grouped (see below).

Once you have added all files to the upload window, click the "Start Upload" button to start uploading the data to the platform and initiate the import process. You can close the upload window while the data is being uploaded.

After the data is uploaded to the platform, the platform will process the uploaded data. Depending on the data modality and size, this can take a while. You can refresh the browser page to see the uploaded data packages in your dataset. 

NOTE: For information on how to upload data programmatically, please visit our Python and MATLAB documentation.

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