Creating an organization on Blackfynn

If you represent a lab, institution, or industry and are interested in having a Blackfynn account, please use the contact form on our website. Blackfynn will setup the organization on the platform and send instructions to create the first user account in the organization. This user is considered the 'owner' of the organization and has permissions to invite additional users to the platform.

Setting up a user account

When a user is invited to join an organization on the Blackfynn platform, he/she receives an email with a link to setup the user account. A user account belongs to a single user, and email address. Users are asked to create a strong password that is associated with the user account.  

If you are the user that is setting up the organization, you will have to agree to the Blackfynn subscription agreement. You will also have the option to invite other users to your organization. You can also skip this step and invite other users from the platform at a later time.

After finalizing your personal profile, you will be logged in the platform. If you are the first account user, the data catalog will be empty and you can start using the platform by uploading some new data.

If you are added to an existing organization, you will be able to access the datasets that are available to you. 

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