An organization can decide to cancel a Blackfynn account at any time. Blackfynn will work with the representative of the organization to make sure that the account is closed and that data within the account is handled properly.

What happens to the account after it is cancelled?

Blackfynn archives accounts that are no longer active for a period of 3 months. During this time, users can re-activate an account without any loss of data and/or account settings.

When an account is no longer active, the team-members of the organization can no longer log-in to the Blackfynn platform. Users that are a member of multiple organizations on the platform will still be able to log-in to the other, active, organizations on the platform.

What happens to the data when a subscription is cancelled?

After closing an account on the Blackfynn platform, the data associated with this account is handled as follows:

  1. Data associated with the account is archived on the platform for a period of time to allow the organization to recover the account if they want to. The data will not be accessible by anyone on the platform and ownership remains with the organization that held the account. If the owner of the organization wants Blackfynn to erase all data from its servers, he/she can reach out to the Blackfynn team and we will be happy to do this.

  2. Any data that was published to the public domain by the organization will remain available on the Blackfynn platform and will be managed by Blackfynn. Blackfynn has the right to remove this data from the public data library at any time. Organizations can transfer ownership of datasets to other organizations that have active Blackfynn accounts to make sure that data is persisted on the platform. Please reach out to our team to help with this transfer.

Data Rescue

Users always have the option to extract all their data from the Blackfynn platform in case they no longer wish to use the platform. Users can download their data at any time from the platform using the web-application or the client tools.

If you want to extract all your data from the platform including all meta-data, please send us a request at and we will be happy to help you do that.

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