Interactive Viewers

The primary methods for interacting with files in the Blackfynn Web Application is facilitated through data viewers. The platform has viewers tailored to the data types supported in the platform. All viewers have a primary window where data is displayed and supporting tools accessible along the left and right side bars.

A data viewer, depending on the type of the file, employs a set of tools to facilitate navigating the file and marking it up with metadata. 

Tools are available in the left and right hand panels. Tools in the left hand panel are generally action oriented (creating an annotation on a slide, marking an event on time series data, etc.). Tools in the right hand panel are generally for viewing and navigating attributes of the file (active discussions, annotations, etc.).

You can find more information about specific viewers here:

  1. Time series viewer 
  2. Digital Pathology viewer
  3. Tabular Data viewer
  4. Clinical Imaging viewer
  5. Video Viewer

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