If you're the owner of your dataset, you have the ability to publish your dataset to the Blackfynn Discover. To get your dataset ready for publication, click on the dataset of interest to open the Overview pane. The Dataset Overview pane has a dataset publishing checklist:

Once you have completed all the items in the dataset publishing checklist, you can navigate to the Settings tab of the dataset and click on the Publish to Blackfynn Discover  button:

Note: Publishing a dataset can take some time to complete and that the dataset will exist in a locked state while it is publishing.

When datasets are published, they become publicly available and will have a permanent DOI associated with them. The DOI is specific to the version that is published.

Publishing a new version

If you make changes to the contents of a dataset (files, and/or metadata) and you have previously published your dataset, you can publish a new version of the dataset. Notice that the "Publish to Blackfynn Discover" button now mentions creating a new version of the dataset.

All published versions of datasets remain available through Blackfynn Discover and each version has its own DOI associated with it.

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