Datasets are comprised of files and metadata. All datasets have a unique name and short description to help members of an organization clearly identify their contents and purpose.


When uploading files, in addition to storing the original file, the platform will attempt to recognize your data. 

  • If recognized, the platform will analyze your data, convert it to a proprietary package, and store the original file plus any additional data derived from said analysis. 
  • If the data is not recognized, the platform will accept and store your data, but your capabilities will be limited. 

Clicking on the ellipsis button to the right of your file will reveal your options.

Viewing Files

Our platform allows you to interact directly with your data instead of just hosting files. For example, instead of opening a .svs  (Aperio) file, you can open the digital slide directly in Blackfynn’s interactive Time Series viewer. 

Click the Open Viewer  button in the top-right corner of your Files page to open your file.

Optionally, we automatically package and process your files every time you import or upload information so you can view everything right away. 

Manually Processing Files

When we process your files, we restructure your data to allow web-based viewers access in a functional and interactive way. Processing does not compress or lower the resolution of your data whatsoever. Our platform captures all as-needed information to correctly display and visualize your data.

When you create a new dataset, you have the option to turn on automatic processing.

If you create a dataset, or upload additional files without selecting this option, your files will remain unprocessed as shown below.

To manually process your files, click the ellipsis button to the right of your unprocessed file.


To create a new folder, click on the “New Folder” button in the top right corner of your dataset.

There are a number of actions you can take in a folder. Click on the ellipsis button to the right of the folder to reveal your options. Beyond opening and exploring the folder, you can move it around inside the dataset, rename it, or delete it.

NOTE:  Deleting a folder will delete all of the data inside of the folder.

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