After a dataset is published to Blackfynn Discover, it is possible to update some of the metadata describing the dataset without publishing a new version of a dataset (and subsequently creating a new DOI). This can be helpful if you want to add tags, update collaborators (and their ORCID accounts), update the description or change other information that does not change the underlying data associated with the dataset (files, and metadata records).

Specifically, creating a revision will update:

  • The title of the dataset
  • The contributors of a dataset
  • The summary of the dataset
  • The license of the dataset
  • The tags associated with a dataset
  • The description associated with the dataset
  • The image associated with a dataset

The updated information will directly be visible on the Blackfynn Discover site, and be reflected in a revision file inside the published dataset. No files in the published dataset will be overwritten.

How to create a revision?

Revisions of published datasets are only possible after a dataset has been published to the Blackfynn Discover platform. After publishing a dataset, it is possible to create a new revision of the published dataset from the "Settings" menu. 

The latest version of the published dataset will be updated on Blackfynn Discover with the current dataset information and the latest revision number will be displayed as part of the public dataset page on Blackfynn Discover.

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